screen scaling well oversampling

I Like my laptop but it has a problem its native resolution is 1366×768, which is becoming more of a problem now days.  I was happy to find that X11 does indeed allow you to do oversampling, where you render at a resolution higher than the display and scale the image down to fit it.

The scaling is actually pretty flexible and can allow you to  scale higher or lower than the resolution of the monitor, there was a bit of a head scratcher moment where the scaling does not change the mouse area. So in this case, until I found the panning option; the mouse was locked to the top left corner only able to move it within a 1366×768 area.

Things to mention is keep to the same aspect ratio but X11 wont restrict you, instead of “–scale-from” and the resolution you can use “–scale” in which you specify the ratio instead so “–scale 1.40×1.40” is about 1366×768>1920×1080 but thanks to the mouse problem using the other option is just easier because you need to update the mouse area.

Lastly doing this will add a slight blur to everything because of cause now, pixels don’t line up to a display pixel; this will mainly be noticeable with text so tinker to acceptability. :3

xrandr \
--fb 1920x1080 --output LVDS1 --mode 1366x768 \
--scale-from 1920x1080 --panning 1920x1080
WIP 2015-03-22

WIP artwork 2015-03-22

I’ve generally been pretty slack with my art stuff, I used to strive to become an concept artist or illustrator. While that feeling hasn’t changed lately my life has become quite full and my art has suffered quite a bit as a result. This is one of my current works in progress, I really need to stop adding backgrounds as an after thought.

Arch and gnome3

With gnome 3.16 soon to move out of testing in the arch repositories, Its time to talk about my setup. Now I may of griped on gnome3 and the newer desktop environments in the past currently I use the latest gnome on my workstation and laptop.  I am still a big KDE fan when all the desktops originally moved into new territory I found it the most like home.  Continue reading “Arch and gnome3”

Using Flask and uploading files

A small project I have worked on recently was a uploading demo in flask. I mainly wanted to figure this out because I’m working on a few websites that depend on such a thing.

for those wanting to test it out for yourself to get it up and running. Follow the steps, you will need python3 to run this and virtualenv and pip. Continue reading “Using Flask and uploading files”

Hello world!

Welcome this just that obligatory first post in which I introduce myself and this site.

First off Brett McGruddy I am a tinkerer of many things. As an hobby artist and programmer I intent at least :3 to use this site as a place to post my work and projects and to act as my own personal blog.